Medical Billing Services

Unlock your practice's financial potential with Matthews & Associates' Medical Billing Services. Our competitive approach focuses on collections rather than charges, ensuring our goals align with your success. We provide comprehensive billing solutions and detailed monthly reports, giving you the insights needed to boost revenue and maintain full awareness of your financial performance.

Our Medical Billing Services streamline your financial operations from end to end.

We begin with thorough Eligibility Verification to ensure claim accuracy upfront. Our team expertly manages Charge Entry, EDI Claims Scrubbing, and Clearinghouse setup for smooth operations. We cover all bases, from Electronic Claims processing to meticulous Patient Payment Posting and Secondary Insurance Billing. We also offer a Toll-Free Patient Line for billing inquiries, ensuring clear communication and support for your patients.

Claims Management and Reporting

We are diligent in our pursuit of your owed revenue. Our services extend to proactive Claims Follow-Up and Internal Auditing, ensuring we address Aged Claims promptly and review A/R for accuracy. With Front Office Training, we empower your staff with the knowledge to prevent billing issues at the source. Our detailed Monthly Reporting reflects our commitment to transparency, offering a clear view of your practice's financial health.

Commitment to Transparency and Growth

At Matthews & Associates, transparency is at the heart of our partnership with you. We provide Full Transparency in our billing processes, so you're always in the know. By identifying areas of improvement and following up on aged claims, we aim to maintain your current financial health and pave the way for future growth. Let us take the burden of billing off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best – caring for patients.

Inquire about Medical Billing Services

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