Disaster Recovery

Matthew & Associates offers robust disaster recovery services to protect your healthcare practice's data. Our solutions ensure critical information is securely backed up and restorable in any disaster. We understand the importance of keeping your systems operational and your data intact, no matter the circumstances.

Defining Disaster in the Medical Community 

In the medical world, disasters go beyond natural calamities. Everyday incidents like human error, power outages, or ransomware attacks can have devastating consequences. With Datto Backup Disaster Recovery Services, we ensure your practice is resilient against these threats. Our solution helps you quickly recover from disruptions without succumbing to criminal demands, safeguarding your patient data and maintaining operational continuity.

The Real Cost of Downtime

Unpreparedness can be costly. Implementing a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution with Datto is more economical than facing the expenses of system downtime. Our approach ensures your practice is operational within seconds after any disaster, providing cost-effectiveness and peace of mind.

HIPAA Compliance and Data Protection

Maintaining HIPAA compliance is critical for your practice. Our services protect your patients' data and ensure compliance with current regulations. With Datto, you have the assurance that your data is secure and that your practice meets the stringent data protection and integrity standards required by HIPAA.

Why M&A and Datto Stand Out

Datto is a leader in backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions, trusted by numerous managed service providers globally. Their sophisticated cloud and device solutions offer total data protection across all data environments. Features like Instant Virtualization, Screenshot Backup Verification™, and Inverse Chain Technology™ set Datto apart, providing comprehensive, end-to-end data security."

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